Secrets of Barcelona
Secrets of Barcelona

With more than 4000 years of history, the city of Barcelona is one of the most famous international cities in the world. 

Here, we can find all kinds of architecture, history and culture.

Therefore, we encourage you to discover the most emblematic monuments of the city, but we would love to explain some secrets that it hides:

- El mundo nace con cada beso: One of the hidden treasures of the city is the mural of “El mundo nace con cada beso” (The world is born in each kiss), a mosaic photo made in 2014 by photographer Joan Fontcuberta

It is located in Plaça Isidre Nonell (in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona), the mural is composed of tiny photographs sent by readers of the written press and it is possible to know all the culture of the city in a single mural. 

We encourage you to visit it and learn about what this mural hides.

- Roman baths of Gualbes: In Carrer Regomir, there are the remains of Roman baths of the first century. These baths are preserved in very good condition and share space with the remains of the old Roman wall of the fourth century. These baths served as a council between Roman politicians and the nobility of the empire. 

However, later historical sources affirm the possibility that it was used for secret assemblies during the change from polytheistic religion to Christian religion and as a meeting point for treasons and changes of ruler in the region.

- Arús Public Library: Founded in 1895 as the city's general library, the Arús Public Library is one of the most mysterious libraries in the entire country. Specialized in masonry and the fictional universe of Sherlock Holmes, these library houses books of all kinds for restoration and conservation. 

Currently, it is possible to find books and writings of the tenth century AD, poetry and medieval history, to the first universal encyclopaedias and more modern writings. 

In addition, the library hides a little secret and is the famous statue of liberty of New York City on a small scale.

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