Secrets of Arenys de Mar
Secrets of Arenys de Mar

The Riera del Bisbe Pol is the most important avenue in Arenys de Mar. 

In this place, we can find many buildings of singular architecture, where we can highlight, the architecture of
modernist style of the nineteenth century.

- Can Còrdova: A modernist style house with three floorsthat crowns with a balustrade terrace, typical architecture of the Còrdova family. This residence stands out for its small front garden and tiled balconies with ornamentation with iron railing.
This is an incredible design from the beginnings of modernism.

- Can Ramis: A large house of the eighteenth century with two floors and attic. This residence is famous since the beginning of the century. In 1802 King Charles IV stayed until the arrival of Napoleon Bonaparte's troops in Spain, where he had to leave the house and be exiled to Naples. This house of classic style and the splendour of the architecture history, represents one of the most important large manor houses in Catalonia.

- Mercat Municipal d'Arenys de Mar: The Mercat Municipal is a large brick and stone construction with an entrance with large openings in postmodernist style. The building has a single space divided into three streets with large windows that help the entry of natural light into the building.
Despite is a postmodernist building, we can appreciate an incredible façade with modernist ornamentations due to the inspiration of this style in the buildings of later years.

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